Upcycled Red-Orange Gemstone & Hematite Statement Earrings

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Reddish-orange gemstones sit atop the metallic beauty of hematite. These stones are one of the few remaining pairs left from a rescued gemstone necklace. Several other pairs have already found forever homes -- maybe these are destined for yours?


  • upcycled reddish orange gemstones
  • new hematite 8mm beads
  • new nickel-free ear wires

These one-of-a-kind earrings feature upcycled reddish-orange gemstone beads, one of which is a bit more translucent under direct light than the other. The stones are almost tomato red in the sunlight, with more of a brick red hue indoors. They both have some creamy white streaks in the red. These are possibly a form of agate, but because they are upcycled from an older necklace, I can't identify them with confidence.

The hematite beads and the metal accents and ear wires are all new. Bear in mind that the earrings have two stones apiece, so they will be on the heavier side.