Introducing Our Same Stone Guarantee

What I have for you today is a story in pictures.

Tell me if your online shopping ever looks like this:

Woman crossing her fingers with her eyes squeezed shut


Okay, well, my hair never looks that awesome, but I definitely recognize that expression.  And when it comes to shopping for stones online, oh my. 

Imagine -- just bear with me for a moment here -- imagine you see this on your screen:

Brecciated jasper stone donut mostly red with a swath of cream

And it just speaks to you --
it is . . .
Absolutely Perfect.
(Cue the angelic choir 👼🎵)






So you click Buy, you watch your mail, you tear open your package, 

and you see this:


Brecciated jasper stone donut mostly cream with bits of rusty red


Or this:

Brecciated jasper stone donut mixed reds and pinks with a hint of cream


And you think
(A) oh well, another return
(B) *sigh* close enough I guess *sniffle*
(C) there has to be a better way!

Ok, listen up, my fellow stone lovers and rock hounds! 🥰

We hear you. We're right there with you. And there is a better way!

Introducing . . .

The Snarky Owl Workshop's Same Stone Guarantee: We know that you care about your stones as much as we do. That's why we're taking the guesswork out of your natural stone jewelry shopping.  Look for our Same Stone Guarantee to know that the stone you choose will be the stone we ship!


Yes, it can be that easy.  Our new Same Stone Guarantee means that you won't just see a sample stone on your screen. You will see EVERY stone. You can look them over, fall in love with one of them, and order THAT. EXACT. STONE.  Because jasper and agate are like snowflakes -- no two look exactly alike. And that's why we love them, isn't it?

Look for our Same Stone Guarantee stamp on select items within our shop and feel assured that the stone you see will be the stone you get!

Dragon Blood Jasper Pendant with Same Stone Guarantee stamp

Stop shopping like this woman who's crossing her fingers that her natural stones will look like the ones on the screen! The Snarky Owl Workshop's Same Stone Guarantee means no surprises
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