Crazy Wire Wrapped Upcycled Large Pink Gemstone Pendant

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Wire wrapped jewelry for the nonconformist in your life! The silver wire seems to have a mind of its own as it swirls and swoops around this stunning red-pink gemstone pendant. 

The Stone: This is one of our rescued gemstone finds, upcycled from a found necklace. I'm torn between identifying it as rose quartz or a pink agate. The colors are just beautiful 😍 The stone passes through several gradations of color, from a traditional rose quartz shade at the bottom to a deep, almost maroon at the top that is deeper than I'm accustomed to seeing in a piece of rose quartz. 

Measurements: The stone is a polished oval bead that measures 1.25 inches from top to bottom, and with the addition of the wire it measures 1.5 inches. 

The Chain: The optional chain hangs 24 inches, allowing the pendant to hang near heart level. (I can make the necklace chain longer or shorter if you wish -- just add your request to the notes at checkout!) 

This is a great statement necklace made from a single large stone, perfect as a gift for women who enjoy wearing natural stones or for layering with other necklaces!