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Upcycled Faceted Amber-Colored Gemstone & Patterned Silver Statement Earrings

Upcycled Faceted Amber-Colored Gemstone & Patterned Silver Statement Earrings

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Translucent amber-colored ovals hang beneath silver-plated shields. These beads are one of the few remaining pairs left from a rescued gemstone necklace. Several other pairs have already found forever homes -- maybe these are destined for yours?


  • repurposed amber-colored beads
  • new silver plated round carved shields
  • new silver plated stainless steel ear wires

These one-of-a-kind earrings feature beautiful upcycled amber-colored beads. These resemble a form of red agate, but because they're upcycled from an older necklace, I can't identify them with confidence, other than to say that they're at least a 7 on the Mohs scale. 

The beads are 25x13mm translucent ovals with twisted facets cut into them; both are a smoky orange in color. The silver plated circles and ear wires are all new. 

These are long earrings but lighter than you might expect from looking at them! We rescued these gemstones from a large damaged gemstone necklace.



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All of our threader earrings are made using a length of smooth thin box chain (less than 1mm thick). The chains are long enough to thread through multiple piercings if you wish, and they do not have a bridge wire, which gives the wearer full control over their length. Although most people find that they don't need backings for threader earrings, we ship clear plastic safety backings with every pair.

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