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Simple Pearl & Garnet Gold Dangle Earrings

Simple Pearl & Garnet Gold Dangle Earrings

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The timeless combination of garnet and pearl continues in these elegant 22K gold earrings. The garnet is hand-cut in a natural style that gives the impression of ancient world jewelry. These are a perfect gift idea for someone with a birthday in January or June!


  • Natural undyed garnet gemstones in hand-cut flat circles
  • Freshwater pearls
  • 22K gold-plated wires & accents
  • Gold plated earring hooks

The garnet is a very deep, dark red but brightens to a cherry color when the light shines through. Its lustrous color is consistent between stones --  scroll through the photos to get a good idea of their appearance under varying levels of light.

Did you know? Pearls are categorized not just by color but also by shape. These are "potato pearls", so called because of their characteristic oval shapes. Their color is somewhere between white and a faint cream. Each pair of earrings will vary slightly due to the natural variations in the pearls and the hand-cut nature of the garnet (which vary slightly in thickness, level of polish, and shape). Scroll through the photos to get an idea of the range.



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All of our threader earrings are made using a length of smooth thin box chain (less than 1mm thick). The chains are long enough to thread through multiple piercings if you wish, and they do not have a bridge wire, which gives the wearer full control over their length. Although most people find that they don't need backings for threader earrings, we ship clear plastic safety backings with every pair.

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