Selvyt Polishing Cloth for jewelry. Small 5 inch square, lint free, beige SR version

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Keep your jewelry shining longer! Selvyt® lint-free cloths polish both metal and gemstone beads. They also remove oils and fingerprints from jewelry. This is a universal multipurpose polishing cloth, manufactured in woven unbleached cotton with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish. Good as "New" when washed.

This is the SR cloth from Selvyt in the small 5x5 size -- about the same size as an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

I personally like to use these cloths to remove minor discolorations from metals and to give jewelry a bright shine. The cloths do not have any cleaning chemicals in them and are safe for most jewelry. (Be aware that polishing plated jewelry too much or too vigorously can wear away the finish over time.) Be gentle with pearls and be careful not to snag the cloth on metal prongs.Item is plastic-sealed from the manufacturer. 

Reading glasses & earrings not included 😉