Rainbow Chakra Gemstones Corked Glass Bottle Pendant Necklace

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A glass bottle pendant filled with a rainbow of gemstones hangs on a chain 30.5 inches long. Clear quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, chestnut jasper, green opal, purple amethyst, green jasper, red aventurine -- we've been tumbling loads of stones, and at the end of every tumbling stage, there are chips too small to put back into the tumbler, but the perfect size to fill these pendant jars! We have bottled gemstone pendants in limited supply, restricted by the amount of stone produced by our tumbling process. The bottles are filled with a variety of stones from the list above. We aim to fill the jars with a rainbow effect -- the two we have in stock right now have a predominance of lapis, jasper, and quartz, with a hint of either citrine or amethyst. Because of how we produce the stones, they are in various stages of polish, from almost raw to lightly tumbled to lightly polished.

Specify at checkout whether or not you would like us to permanently secure the cork with glue. Gluing will add 1-2 additional processing days, to allow the glue to cure before shipment. Unless you want to be able to remove the contents from the bottle, we recommend that you choose a glued cork, especially if the pendant is intended to be worn or hung.