Peruvian Opal & Dark Green Nephrite Jade Gold Dangle Earrings

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New World treasures: translucent white Peruvian opals are paired with dark green Canadian nephrite jade in a stunningly classic look 💚💚 Peruvian opals💚 Nephrite jade💚 22K gold-plated accents💚 Ear wires are 22K gold plated over surgical steel*This pair of opals has faint gray streaky inclusions and bands of translucency that only show when backlit.
Did you know? Peruvian opals differ from other types of opals because they don't have the organized crystalline structure that gives most opals their "fire". They sometimes have dark fern-like inclusions. Peruvian opals are often but not always blue, and they are found only in the Andes Mountains.Opals are an October birthstone -- this would make a great holiday gift for October birthdays!