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Burnt Orange Spanish Filigree Boho Chic Statement Earrings

Burnt Orange Spanish Filigree Boho Chic Statement Earrings

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You'll fall in love with these vintage-look statement earrings in warm tones of burnt orange and yellow. The aged brass lace filigree discs measure 1 inch in diameter. The filigree swings below painted opaque glass. The filigree circles are double sided so that your earrings will always look good no matter which way they turn!



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closeup of sterling box chain threader earrings

Threader Details:

All of our threader earrings are made using a length of smooth thin box chain (less than 1mm thick). The chains are long enough to thread through multiple piercings if you wish, and they do not have a bridge wire, which gives the wearer full control over their length. Although most people find that they don't need backings for threader earrings, we ship clear plastic safety backings with every pair.

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