Jewelry Care

Preventing Scratches and Wear:

The major offenders are chemicals (like cleaners, moisturizers, & pool water) and abrasives (like makeup, sand, & salt) that can wear away platings and finishes and damage stones. This means not wearing your jewelry while bathing, and waiting until the end of your personal care routine to put on your earrings and necklace. It's also advisable to take your jewelry off when swimming at the gym or building sandcastles at the beach 😎


Preventing Tarnish:

Every purchase ships in a resealable plastic storage bag. Prevent tarnish by storing your jewelry in the bag when not in use. Most metal jewelry, except solid gold or pure silver, is at risk of tarnish from exposure to air and moisture. This includes sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy. If tarnish has already occurred, gently remove with a soft polishing cloth such as those used for eyeglasses. We are especially fond of Selvyt cloths in the Workshop! Selvyt jewelry cloth

There are many advantages to silver-plated or gold-plated jewelry, including affordability and the hardness of the alloyed metal core. Taking good care of your plated pieces will extend their lifespan. 😊


Gemstone Care:

Please remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, or exercising. Makeup & everyday dust contain quartz-type minerals that are abrasive to soft gemstones like lapis and opal. Chlorine, salt, soaps, lotions, household cleaners, and even perspiration can all damage stones and metals and shorten the life of your jewelry.

Pearls and opals need to be protected from extreme heat and cold. Opals in particular can lose their water content and exhibit crazing, a network of fine cracks that have the unpleasant appearance of a shattered windshield.

Cleaning of natural stone is best done with a soft cloth. Warm soapy water is safe for most stones, with the notable exception of opals and pearls. NEVER use ultrasonic baths or cleaners intended for diamond rings, which can damage softer stones. Jewelry cleaning "hacks" like vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, and other harsh materials are risky, especially if meant for precious metals and diamonds.

Harder stones like agate, quartz, or jasper will scratch and dull softer stones like lapis lazuli, opal, or malachite. Glass and metal can also scratch or be scratched. Store in the provided resealable plastic bag or a jewelry pouch to prevent scratches.