Lightly Tumbled Untreated Natural Citrine Pendant

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The natural beauty of this yellow citrine crystal is accentuated by a delicate gold toned wire wrap. This is natural mined citrine from Brazil, NOT heat-treated amethyst. 

The Stone: This particular stone separated from a larger piece of citrine while we were tumbling it. We pulled it from the tumbler before it was fully polished because of its small size, so this stone still shows some sign of being in the rough, yet its roughest edges have been smoothed off. This is 100% natural untreated yellow citrine from Brazil. Did you know that most citrine on the market is actually heat-treated amethyst? Amethyst and citrine are both forms of quartz, and it is unusual to find this yellow color in nature. Citrine is the birthstone for November, making this the perfect birthday gift for that special someone!

The Wrap: When I wire wrap a stone, my goal is to focus on the natural beauty of the stone rather than overwhelm it with wire. On this piece, the three wires fan across the triangular shape of the citrine and emphasize the variation in color across the crystal. I twisted and wrapped the wire bail for additional strength and visual interest. 

The Chain: The optional chain is 22K gold plated, 18 inches in length, with a lobster-style clasp.