Small Banded Agate Silver Owl Dangle Earrings

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Get ready to field the compliments wearing these dark agate earrings banded with stripes of white, brown, and gray! The stones are topped by silver-plated owls that call to mind Homer's grey-eyed Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and ancient patron of craftsmen & women. Indoors the agate appears dark with bands of light gray, but in sunlight the colors come to life. The metallic owls have a chiseled and carved look that recall the caryatid statues that adorned ancient Greek temples like the Parthenon. These wise owls would make a great graduation or teacher appreciation gift!


  • 6mm banded agate gemstones
  • Silver plated owls
  • Silver plated stainless steel ear wires

Banded agate is a natural material with a wide variation in appearance and the beads on each pair are hand-selected to match each other as closely as possible. The patterning on each pair will definitely vary in terms of how much of each color is present and whether the bands are wide or narrow. If you have a definite preference for more dark or more white, please leave us a note at checkout 🙂