Beach Lovers Upcycled Stone & Vintage Shell Earrings

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Beach day any day! Vintage shell beads dangle from stacks of upcycled jasper gemstones in these beach-inspired earthy earrings. The shell beads are a lightweight manmade material. Although we typically work in natural shell, their level of detail and the opportunity to maintain our commitment to sustainability through the use of repurposed and vintage materials was just too good to pass up!


  • Vintage new stock shell beads (manmade)
  • Upcycled jasper stone beads
  • New metal beads
  • New silver plated stainless steel earring hooks and wires


  • The shell beads are a bit more than a half inch in length.
  • The stack of jasper and metal beads is an inch in length.
  • The entire earring is 2.5 inches long from the top of the ear wire.