Upcycled Natural Shell & Tigers Eye Purple Assemblage Necklace Set w Earrings

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All the gemstones and shell pieces in this assemblage necklace have been upcycled from found necklaces and bracelets!๐ŸŒž A central purple & brown shell pendant๐ŸŒž Tigers eye chips๐ŸŒž Flat chunks of iridescent shell with the look of abalone or paua shellChain details:๐ŸŒž New cable-style aged brass chain๐ŸŒž New lobster-style clasp ๐ŸŒž 19 inchesThe style of links allows the necklace to be naturally adjustable in length so that you can find just the right hang to complement your shape and your neckline. (I was able to adjust it down to a 17-inch length and still keep the clasp behind the neck when I tested it on myself.)The four outer shell chunks on the necklace have a slightly different look on either side of them. (You can see both sides of the various shell pieces if you cycle through the photos.)